Tuesday, 21 August 2007

8 random things about me

Hi everybody,

I've just been tagged by Colleen to reveal 8 random things about me furry self. I am so excited because this is the first time I've been tagged. I got so nervous that for a moment, my mind blanked out and I didn't know what I could write...so after the long deliberation, I decided to give it a try, so here goes...

8 random things about me:

1) I love canned food. All forms of them. Mix them up with a bowl of rice and I'll gobble the whole bowl up in less than 5 minutes.

2) I love sitting upright and staring at our neighbours opposite our unit, barking at whoever it is who comes out to do the dishes or collect the clothes.

3) I dislike having my nails cut. I will growl at whoever it is who comes near me and attempts to cut my nails with any apparatus of any kind.

4) I am a dog who can be highly motivated by food.

5) I celebrate my birthday each year with my beloved owner Limin who will definitely buy me a small slice of cake without fail. I love strawberry flavoured cakes.

6) I bite my paws when I am bored, and it alwayz gets Limin on her nerves. She will then give me a blue dental bone to distract me, but sometimes I'm too clever for that.

7) I may appear aggressive, but in actual fact I can be a timid dog. My bark alwayz seems worse than my bite. If you don't believe it, TRY me. =)

8) I love being stroked on my underbelly and getting lots of attention from the people around me. In short, I can be a pretty AA (attract attention) dog.

Thats all from me for now. Shall attempt to take pretty pictures of me during the coming weekend and post them on the blog. *grins* In the meantime, take care everyone!

Saturday, 28 July 2007

Hello there

Hi everybody,

It's been a pretty long time since I wrote anything. Was pestering Limin to let me use her laptop to write lor but she said she needs to use it, so since today is a weekend, I decided to sneak off to use her com when she wasn't around. Hehe I m after all an alert dog who wld most probably qualify for a detective job. Okie these days I m still fretting about my skin condition becos its not really improving. I m like religiously applying the sprays etc, so I hope it wld improve from now on. Limin is talking about bringing me to the vet if it doesn't improve, so I m hoping that it does becos I hate going to the vet. For one thing it smells of doom becos of the antiseptic or drug smell that's alwayz lingering in the air. I am alwayz v.worried when it comes to visiting the vet, which is why the nurses there alwayz comment on my worried look at the clinic.

Okie enough about the vet, let me talk about my plans for the weekend.

1) Romping around the house n trying to uncover hidden food

2) Lazing around in comfortable spots of the house

3) Guarding the door n barking when intruders approach

4) Try to be good so that I can earn treats and

5) Sleep!

Here's a picture of me lazing on the floor:

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Woofself finally in woofster!

Woof woof everyone!! I'm very woofpy today!! Woof heard from kevwoof yesterday that he has this thingy call friendster to keep in touch with all his human frens. I told him woof also want frenster to keep in contact with my woofrends! But he say dogs cannot be on frenster! Kevwoof so toopid! I heard from Aunt Mariuca that got dogster, but kevwood don't know anything about it... I keep on barking at him, then he go to dogster and get a woofccount for me! Woof! woof! Woofself also asked him to upload some of my woofpic as well..=) so go to my woofster to take a look ok??

Oh woof woof, my hips in pain again... got to go get some woofrest now.. woofster frens add me ok? Thanks woof woof! This is my woofster link: http://www.dogster.com/dogs/584973

Sunday, 8 July 2007

Furry problems and a green croc

Hello there it's been a while...well basically my owner Limin has been quite busy using the laptop for mostly leisure n sometimes, work purposes, so I couldn't really get a chance to type in my entry. My apologies to our dear readers who have been waiting for moi entry. =)

Recently, I've been losing some fur. It's actually quite stressful for me because I'm after all such a young dog. There's this small patch on my back which is kinda pink. (Pls do not ask me to take pics of such embarassing situations as I'm after all a female) My owner has been spraying hair loss stuff n antimicrobial sprays on me and I muz say I hate these stuff. It's irritating to have stuff squirted on your dry n nice body. Everytime when she tries to do that I'll definitely turn round in circles juz to make it more difficult for her. Hehe. That's just how evil a dog can be sometimes. Despite that, she still succeeds in gettin stuff on me, and so far it doesn't seem to be working that efficiently. Maybe it takes time for such things to work. So dear readers, pray that I get my fur back k?

Well other than my loss of fur, life has been pretty interesting and full of surprises. Just yesterday, I was trying to battle this green croc which Limin and Kev bought ages ago. How does the toy work? Well it's a croc with open jaws and teeth on its gums. So u're supposed to press on the loose teeth and one of the teeth would activate a device that causes its jaws to clamp down on you. So its a matter of luck basically. Yepz so Limin placed it on the floor and wanted me to play with it, but no way was I going near that green thing. So there I was barking at it and backin away whenever it was pushed near me. Hehe. It was great fun though. Running around and coming back to bark at the green thing, which of course wasn't that agile or fast as me. So I'm the victor after all. Hehe.

So dear readers if you have furry companions, do remember to rotate and change the array of toys you are giving them k? This would definitely add colours to our furry lives. I guess its time for my dinner soon. I gotta prepare for that, by being extremely nice and obedient. Till then, hope the coming week bodes well for men and dog alike! I'll be back with more interesting anecdotes of my furry adventures! *winks*

Friday, 29 June 2007

I miss my owners.. woof!

Woof Woof! I'm very woofy today, 'cos my owner Limin wouldn't be home today... =( I'm all alone inside my woofcage except for Limin's grandma and aunt. I want my beloved owner Limin... woof woof... Futhermore, kevwoof is in Australia. Both my owners are not with me...woof woof =(.

Limin went to wooftosa for her department retreat - at least that's what Limin told me. Why retreat? Limin's department go attack some other woofy department is it and lost, so need to retreat is it? She could have bring me along to retreat! What if the other woofy department come and attack me? Help help! Woof woof! But it's strange, Limin's department can still have such a good meal despite been on the run! YOu look at the woof-ture! Got nice food ... I want to eat! Aunt Jean said I should eat dried food! yucks! I miss the chicken pizza that kevwoof used to gave me! yum yum...

Woof woof very bored now without Limin... And I wonder what kevwoof is doing now.. woof woof... I'm going to get some woof now.. good woof!

Monday, 25 June 2007

Long Time No See...

It's actually the second time that I'm using my woof nose to type this entry. I can't believe that everything got deleted with just one press of the key. Its quite depressing actually cos I spent such a long time trying to type a nice entry and everything's gone. Yes, blogger does save your draft but sometimes when you press on some unknown key or combination of keys, everything just dispapears. And you find yourself staring at a nice blank empty screen.

Okie let me try to recall what I was trying to type. Oh yeah, about how I spent my weekend, it's training time with Limin again.

She simply likes to bug me with her training techniques during weekends when she's really free. Basically, she was trying to entice me with a nice green chew bone (edible ones) and getting me to let go off the bone after a few nibbles. It gets quite frustrating after sometime cos can you imagine there I was trying to have a nice chew of the bone and there she was taking it away from me after 10 or more seconds. I got quite frustrated and started barking at her after sometime. Okie I muz say that it wasn't one frustrated growl but a series of piercing barks. That got her quite pissed becos I simply refused to shut up despite her attempts to get me quiet. So she decided to place the bone on a window sill instead, well out of my reach. I learnt my lesson after that time and will try to cooperate with her to ensure endless supply of nice toys and food.

Recently I've been getting quite tired of my dinner as well. Limin's feeding me dried dog kibbles instead of my favourite wet dog food. The decision was reached when it seemed that wet dog food (mixed with rice) was causing the rice to stick to my nice fur and wasn't really that good for my digestive system as well.

Well I must say I miss my wet dog food. It's probably just a matter of personal preference but I m sure that many of my furry friends would agree that wet dog food is much better than dried ones. Oh well just gotta stick to what I have for now. I have realised that my refusal to eat the food does not (in any way) help in forcing Limin to feed me wet dog food instead. Shall look forward to my birthday and the occasional wet dog treats I have I guess. Better than nothing. Perhaps being a nice and obedient dog would persuade her into giving me much more treats! Yum yum. I shall make it a point to be nice.

Oh talk about food, it's finally dinner time for me, so I shall go for my dinner break now. Take care dear readers and have a woofing great week. I promise you'll be hearing more from me in the meantime.

PS. I shall try to take nice and flattering pictures of me to post on my blog. Heh.

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

How woofself's name come about

Woof! Woollo! Sorry that I took so long to write another post because my woofnose was swelling after using my woofnose to write the previous 2 posts. Now my woofnose is much better. Woof! My owners called woofself Bubbles. You know why they call me Bubbles?? My owner Kevwoof told me that both Limin and he thought of several names for me. They thought of calling woofself ‘Xena’ because woofself was very active when I was small. But Limin’s family thought the name is not good, because it sounds like one of their distant relative’s name and akin to calling that relative a dog. When woofself hears till this point, I was very woof with them! Being a woof woof is not a degrading ok? I’m so cute that you should be happy to be related to woofself woof!

Then both Kevwoof and Limin though of several other names to call me, for instance Bubbles (after the woofpuff girls), and Charlotte (after Charlotte’s web the book). Then they wrote down each name on a piece of paper and roll them up and put on the floor. Oh, woofself remember what happened next. I thought there is food on the ground, so I sniffed it and pick one up into my mouth. Then suddenly Kevwoof caught hold of woofself and open my mouth. I try to keep my mouth shut because I thought Kevwoof wanted to snatch my food away. But Kevwoof is too strong, and I had to open my mouth. After that he looked at the ‘food’ he took from my mouth and say my woofname is called Bubbles! So that is how I got my own woofname woof! How did you get your own woofname?

Saturday, 16 June 2007

Rainy days and some random thoughts

Woof woof! Yup its me once again... Limin was just reading through my first post yesterday, and she commented that it rocks! I'm so glad cos after all I haven't really been through any formal education ya know and I actually picked up my writing skills from reading the papers or watching people who talk in a little black box in the living room (that I later learnt to be a television). So for a dog of my level I muz say that I'm really proud of myself. *beams*

Oh she felt that I shouldn't woof too much in my writing though (as it may confuse our readers)so I shall try to restrict myself, though barking is something which comes naturally to canines, as most of my furry companions would agree...Woof!

Back to the subject, it was actually quite a gloomy day today. The sky got all grey and it rained quite heavily in the morning. Lucky me got to stay at home and sleep through the bad weather. *chuckles*

Limin (unfortunately) had to go to school to do her lab work and brave the rain in the process. She told me how horrible and dreadful it was to get her shoes soaked, and I can absolutely emphatize with her. I have to get awfully wet while bathing and believe me, it isn't a pleasant experience. I dislike it especially when Limin uses a weird looking bar with holes to spray water at me. (Still trying to find out what that gadget is called) It gets me all irritated and worked up. At this stage, it is important to note that though I'm called Bubbles, I do not like soaps or suds in any way. And it doesn't help when she uses all kinds of sprays on me (which she claims would help my fur loss). Yes I am experiencing fur loss BUT it is definitely not a sign of me getting old. For your info dear readers I am at a tender age of one plus.

To all out there who wonder why i'm called Bubbles, well I shall reveal the answer in my next post, for it's getting quite tiring for me to type with my nose and paws. I am using Limin's laptop to do all the typing and it is not easy using my paws to press on the computer keys. I tend to hit two keys at one go with my paws. As for my nose, it hurts from too much typing. Not to mention I gotta lift up my head ever so frequently to check my writing for errors. Despite all the trouble I m facing now, I firmly believe that with time I should be able to write more with practice using my paws! Guess that's all for now...take care dear readers. Have a woofing good weekend!

Thursday, 14 June 2007

First woofblog

Woof! Woof! Woollo! I was asked by my owner kevoof to write the first post in my woofblog. Woooof. So I’m going to tell you something about my woofself. My owners told me that my past was very pitiful. I was removed from my mummy and daddy straight after birth by my mummy’s owners and sent to this WoofPCA. SPCA, I meant. So sorry, I’m not used to speaking my owners’ native tongue. Woof! SPCA is the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals like woofself here. I couldn’t remember very well when I was born, but my owner told me it’s around Wooftemper 2005. Oh sorry again, it’s September. Then in SPCA, there was this caretaker call William that took care of me for a few days in his house. I can’t remember much. But I remember he is a good person as he has many animals living with him too. Then, William pass me to my owner (Limin)’s dad for a night. It is there when woofself meet woofself’s owners Limin and Kev. They like me a lot. I like the family too. But my woofner, opps I meant owner (Limin)’s mum don’t like me. I also don’t like her. I remember I was very sad when they say want to send me back to SPCA. =( But luckily owner Limin say she will take care of me together with her woofpartner Kev. I was very woofpy! I was so woofpy that I kept jumping out of my woofbox woof woof! That is how I got to be woofed together with Limin and Kev! Woof woof. I think I will stop here. I do not have fingers to type, so I use my woofnose to press the keyboard. My woofnose painful now. I will choose a picture of woofself’s small time and ask my owner Kev to put in here. Woofbye!